Treat Yo Self

I went through a weird tomboyish phase as a teenager, I was against anything pink or girly, i refused to wear dresses or any make up. I still don’t know why but as soon as i broke out of this phase i started embracing my feminine side. Now i don’t wear much makeup but i … Continue reading Treat Yo Self

Black lemonade

A little disclaimer, i’m not some health expert nor am i 100% sure about the health benefits of this drink. So if you think you want to recreate this drink make sure to do some research or check with your doctor about it. You’ve probably seen one of these drinks in a farmers market or online on … Continue reading Black lemonade

DIY Skull terrarium

So for some reason i have developed this obsession with plants over the past couple of months, why? i have no clue. Especially succulents, there is something about them that amazes me. They’re like regular plants but they look like flowers, they have gorgeous petals that come in a vast variety of shapes and colors. I … Continue reading DIY Skull terrarium


Well hello there, welcome to my corner of the internet. After a while of thinking about it I’ve decided to start my own blog, so if you’re into lowbrow art, DIY culture and gothic homemaking then stick around, you might find something you like. Although just a hobby at the moment I am curious to … Continue reading Hello